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Puffin' Poof Well, it took me a while to appreciate cigars. Always thought they were smelly things, for the rich and arrogant... However, on my 30th birthday I decided to give one a go - a proper one, not one of those cheap packet thangs. So I got myself a nice Cuesta Rey Robusto with a dark Maduro wrapper, armed myself with Cigar Aficionado magazine, and found a quiet spot on Arthur's Seat here in Edinburgh and lit up - and to my surprise it was rather wonderful!

Since then I've tried a few different brands, always in the Robusto size (about 5" and 50 guage) but I somehow prefer the Cuesta Rey... Maybe it was just the magic of that first moment...

Here's a little sideshow of me trying one of these other brands for those who like their cigars as much as they like their men... as usual, click on the small pics for a larger one...

...oh and I've a special pic held in reserve... Email me on if you think you deserve it...


Cigar Pic 1 Cigar Pic 2

Cigar Pic 3 Cigar Pic 4 Cigar Pic 5

Cigar Pic 6 Cigar Pic 7 Cigar Pic 8


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