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Puffin' Poof Welcome to my pipe collection, which some may want to call a fetish, even. Not entirely sure why I like them so much, since I'm on the whole anti-smoking, maybe it's a mixture of the masculinity of them, or that they're "different". Anyway, if you want to see a bigger image of one of the pics, just click on it, then select "back" to get back to this page. Enjoy!


S + Aerosphere Billiard Aerosphere Billiard This is my first pipe, an Aerosphere Billiard. It has an interesting little hole in the side of the stem to let fresh air in and "cool and dry" the smoke. I find now that it tends to thin it rather, but I'd recommend it (or its siblings) as a starter, since it cuts down on bite and has a useful moisture trap. I was only 21 when I bought it, and fumbled about in the pipe shop muttering about "grandfathers" and things - thankfully the proprieter saw right through this, but had the good grace to go along with it (and supply me with starters guides and pipecleaners and stuff free too!)

S + Brebbia Bent Brebbia Bent Some years later, I picked this Brebbia Sandblast Bent up on a trip to Prague, Czech Republic. Its bowl is about twice the size of the others in my collection, and has an odd mousture trap system that I'm not entirely sure I understand (there's a thin metal pipe inside the stem with indentations in it, and I'm never sure I'm putting it in the right way up!) Anyway, I use this if I'm in the mood for a good blast, or if I've got a long walk ahead of me.

S + Edinburgh Bent Brandy Edinburgh Bent Brandy A year or so ago I felt like a change, something paler in colour perhaps, so I went down to the Leith Pipe Shop (Mecca!) and picked up this own-branded Edinburgh Bent Brandy (at least I think it's a Brandy) with a paler finish which, alas, seems to have darkened with use. It always lives in my jacket pocket, and is my "regular" pipe (I only have a bowlful about 4 or 5 times a week, having a great deal of "respect" for its addictiveness).

S + Dr. Plumb Dinky Dr. Plumb Dinky Since starting work I've found that if I were to fancy a bowlful during the day I just wouldn't have the time to finish it. So I went down the the Leith Pipe Shop again (sigh) looking for a small pipe. However, on asking for a small pipe the proprieter took one look at me and directed me to the, er, "alternative" selection! I said it wasn't one of those small pipes I wanted, and came away with this dinky little Dr Plumb Dinky.

Danske Club Black Luxury The Peterson No collection would be truly complete without a Peterson, and last Christmas my good friend Dave furnished me with this delightful cherry red example. I've also put up a piccy of my regular tobacco, Danske Club Black Luxury. I do prefer a nice aromatic, but most of the ones I've tried smell nice and taste of dust. This one, however, is unusual in that as well as having a lovely aroma, it's also quite robust. It's kind of licquorish-ish, but not clawingly so. I can also blast a good Latakia mixture, but not in mixed company!

Well that's the end of our little tour. If you like cigars too, try my Cigars page. Either way, why not drop me a line, let me know what you think?


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