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Whale Dreams
the chronicle of a visit
by an alien craft
to the oceans
of the Earth


About 8 years ago now I started playing around with an Amstrad 1640 and a Yamaha PSS480 keyboard. Inspired by Philip Glass' latest release, 1000 Airplanes On The Roof, I experimented with arpeggios and chord sequences, and after a couple of months ended up with the bases of what were to become Arriving and Playing. As the years went on, machines and sequencers changed, through an Atari ST, onto a 386PC until the present Windoze-based 486, and an unfortunately unstable edition of Mastertracks Pro. Bits were added here and there, until there was enough for a Plan. That Plan is now known as Whale Dreams.

Whale Dreams is split into 7 movements, each representing a chapter of the chronicle: Overture, Arriving, Watching, Dreaming, Playing, Understanding and Departing. Instruments used include: Yamahas PSS480, DX21, EMT-10 and FB-01, Roland TR626 and MT32, Atari ST with Replay 16 and Alesis MidiVerb II, all mixed together on a Fostex 2016. The piece is about 95% finished, but has been at that state now for a number of years, since someone stole my portable DAT recorder. Maybe one day I'll get around to that most difficult last 5%...

I've uploaded a couple of extracts (as .wav files), so you can hear if it's Your Sort Of Thang...

Watching - 33 secs, 357K
Playing - 26 secs, 287K
Understanding - 22 secs, 239K

Let me know what you think...


Oh, and I retain copyright on these extracts and they cannot be used for anything other than private listening without my permission, so there...


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