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John Hein, (who was the first Editor in 1994) is Editor and Publisher of the magazine.

Martin Walker, who edited the magazine for several years from May 2006 currently designs each issue.

Seumas Macmhicean, originally designed this web site which is now maintained by John Hein.

Anyone with anything (useful) to say can write for ScotsGay.

Current contributors include:-

Scene writers: Andi Watson, Caroline Shaw, Jodi Fleming, Lady Shivey, John Quipp..

News, reviews and comment: Alastair Lings, Garry Otton, Martin Powell, Rex Wockner, Tony Challis, John Murphy, Charlie Ross, Dirk Kriete, Malcolm Epstein, John Hein and Martin Walker.

And here are just a few of the names that have contributed in the past, (some of whom may still have something to say from time to time)

Tim Hopkins, Jessica Nicolson, Daniel Donaldson, Paul Brownsey, Dick Wilson, Justin Milne, Tony Hiscox-Sloan, Scott J Reid, Jim Derby, Kenneth Rawlinson, Dokta, Braithwaite, Derek Ogg QC, John Buchanan, Richard Wilson, Paul Johnstone, Nigel Chipps, Andrea Brown, Brandon Judell, Philip Gill, Mark Watson, Vicky Johnson, Julie Travis, Damien Gilchrist, Brandon Smith, Shelly Roberts, T. Marie Mammoser, Monica Smith, Martina, Feorag, Heather, Paul Macalinden, Alan JOY!, Gordon, Adam, Graham, Marcc, PJ, Jol, Liquid Silk, Gus, Calmac, Mistress Anya, Andy, Wee Alan, Tivoli, Chris, Minerva and many more.

We welcome contributions on all subjects, so why not get in touch with us at: feedback@scotsgay.co.uk?