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{ScotsGay Issue 1} ScotsGay was set up in December 1994 as a bi-monthly magazine for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community in Scotland. We felt that there was a need for a general-purpose magazine, neither weighted too much towards the scene nor to the arts field. We believe that the success of the magazine reflects the diversity of lesbian, gay and bisexual experiences in Scotland.

From the very first issue of the magazine, we've been available on the Net via e-mail using a listserver. A number of our contributions are supplied via the Net, and we have released access to our very popular contact ads, The Meet Market, to anyone with an e-mail address. Now we have taken the next logical step and publish the magazine on the Web.

{ScotsGay Issue 5} ScotsGay originally came every two months (towards the end of the 'even' months) but from Issue 5 we released the magazine's scene guide, InsideOut, as a separate entity in the months that ScotsGay did not appear. The intermediate issues of InsideOut were numbered after the previous edition of ScotsGay with an 'a' suffix. From November 1999, Issue 30a, we replaced the intermediate InsideOut with ScotsGay 60/- Light. The following month saw Issue 31 of ScotsGay 80/- Heavy. And so it continued with the 60/- issues being somewhat smaller than the 80/- versions. That was until Issue 85 in December 2008 when we gave up and numbered the issues consecutively. It all makes sense to us!

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